June 18, 2015

Understanding and Using Argan Oil for your Benefit

Whether you look to the left or the right, you'll find that the beauty industry has been packed to the brim with chemical products. Perhaps we've gotten a little overconfident in our abilities to surpass what nature has to offer, and that led to many people having damaged skin and hair, or even worse, damaged health. Whenever a potential natural alternative comes along and stays for a while, I believe we owe ourselves to look into it, and as it happens, today that alternative is argan oil.

A Look at What's Inside Argan Oil

Imported from Morocco where it's been used for centuries now, argan oil is pretty versatile thanks to the combination of ingredients that have been observed in it. A closer look reveals that argan oil mainly consists of:
  • Polyphenols: These anti-inflammatory micronutrients are actually essential to our body for it to protect itself against ultra-violet radiation (the sun's rays).
  • Squalene Oil: Part of argan oil is composed of what is referred to as squalene oil, a powerful moisturizing substance that works wonders on human skin in terms of moisturizing and repairing damaged cells.
  • Fatty Acids: Due to its ntaure, argan oil has a high content of fatty acids, many of which are essential to the maintenance of a plump and smooth skin, one that won't fall prey to wrinkles and stretching.
  • Linoleic and Oleic Acids: Though they play a small part relatively to all the other ingredients found here, oleic and linoleic acids have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, mostly helping to maintain a healthy and radiant skin.
  • Vitamin E: A very powerful antioxidant and one of the most important ingredients in any skin care product, vitamin E is found to naturally occur in argan oil in abundant quantities, providing help on various fronts, such as protection from sun damage and a reduction of inflammations. As a matter of fact, argan oil has 200% more of it than olive oil.

The Uses of Argan Oil

And so now that we know what's inside this argan oil, it's time we moved the discussion to what exactly we can do with it. Well, you'll be glad to know that just like with any oil-based beauty product, you can use it in various ways, depending on the effect you are trying to achieve. However, it is fair to say that these uses can be divided into two main categories: hair and skin care.

Argan Oil for Hair Care

It is possible to use argan oil by itself as a deep conditioner by applying two tablespoons of it to your hair and your scalp. Once you've spent a few minutes massaging it in, you can either leave it for half-an-hour, or even the entire night if the fancy strikes you. Don't worry, it's not a dangerous practice, but doing the overnight treatment too often may end up making your hair oily and greasy to the touch. After that, simply wash it off with some shampoo.

Alternatively, you could also go for a hair mask, and there are plenty of recipes floating around the internet that will teach you how to make an effective mixture based on argan oil, often involving simple ingredients you are certain to have lying around the house. In the end, it can be used like a very versatile hair care product, helping to maintain its strong and shiny appearance.

Argan Oil for Skin Care

Argan oil has been used for skin care for as long as its been in circulation, and as its ingredients show us, there are some very good reasons for that:
  • Moisturizing: Having dry and cracked skin is a huge deal for some people, especially those living in colder climates and feeling it in their hands, feet and face. Using just a bit of argan oil on a daily basis and rubbing it on the affected areas does wonders to help keep them smooth and moist, preventing further cracking.
  • Healing: As the argan oil moisturizes the areas you use it on, at the same time it helps them to heal up faster. Its antioxidant properties improve blood circulation to the areas its used on, which in turn allows the blood to circulate where it needs to more efficiently and repair various skin-related damages.
  • Vanity: I'd be a liar if I said that I use argan oil exclusively for its health benefits. In addition to all of that, it's fantastic at making your skin look plump, supple and smooth as a baby's, leaving many jealous faces in your wake.

Choosing your Argan Oil

Having covered what we need to know about argan oil, let us move forward to the more interesting part: actually choosing an oil. As you'll go out to the market you'll notice that there is really no shortage of brands to choose from... everyone wants a piece of this pie. There are some good news however: as long as you stick to virgin argan oil products, you can be sure that you'll get the 100% pure stuff, without any chemicals and whatnot, and in the end, that's what you need to get the ball rolling. Best of luck to you all!

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